In a previous post, I talked about 10 Twitter list ideas for businesses. In this post, I’m going to talk about Twitter list ideas for individuals.

1. Co-workers

Stay connected with past and current co-workers. Having connections is important, as you never know when it could lead to your next job or promotion.

2. Employers

You can keep a single list of employers or create two (2) lists: one for past employers and another one for current employers.

Keeping a list of past employers is like having a resume, plus your past employer may post a job you might be interested in.

If you are a freelancer, you should make a list of companies that you’ve worked with; it’s almost like having a portfolio right on Twitter!

If you are a brand ambassador for a company, include them in this list or create a separate list.

3. News

You should have at least one Twitter list for news, but you could also have up to four Twitter lists: one for local news, national news, worldwide news and industry news.

A local news Twitter list will allow you to keep up-to-date with the happenings in your area.

National news Twitter list is for news that affects your country, as whole or in specific parts where you don’t live.

Worldwide news allows you to keep up-to-date with what is happening across the globe. Outbreak of a disease, war, civil unrest? You’ll find out when it happens and stay up-to-date with news story updates.

Industry news is news related to what you do for a career. Stay up-to-date with current trends or innovations in your industry.

4. Company Wish List

A company wish list, is a list of companies that you want to work for.

Keeping a list of companies you want to work for, will allow you to stay up-to-date with the company — financial announcements, company expansions, new services / products, etc… and potentially allow you to find job postings.

5. Recruitment Agencies

Keep a list of recruitment agencies, as these agencies can help you in your job search or help you land a job of your dreams, i.e. a company on your wish list.

Instead of recruitment agencies or on-top of a recruitment agencies Twitter list, you may want to have a list of recruitment professionals. Recruitment professionals are individuals in businesses that can help you get a job in their company.

Never stop growing your career!

6. Retail Stores

Keep a list of retail stores you like. These retail stores do not necessarily have to be stores you visit frequently; they can be stores you visit every three months, six months, etc…

Having a list of retail stores will allow you to be the first to know when sales start, new product releases or other events the company may have.

7. Online Stores

Keep a Twitter list of online stores you’ve shopped out and online stores you may shop at. Be the first to find out when sales happen on your favourite items or when new products become available.

8. Companies You Own

Show the world the companies you own or co-own.

Again, it’s using Twitter to create a resume, and to show other individuals and businesses, who you are and what you do — a.k.a. how important are you. It gives individuals and businesses a reason to follow you.

9. Your Projects

Keep a Twitter list of Twitter accounts of projects you manage or co-manage. You can also include projects you’ve previously worked on or create a separate Twitter list for previous projects.

Show the world your work. Give individuals and businesses a reason to follow you.

Plus give current followers a reason to keep following you and a way to see what you are doing.

10. Your Twitter Accounts

Keep a Twitter list of Twitter accounts you own or manage on behalf of a company. These Twitter accounts can be of your companies and projects, but could also be of other Twitter accounts, such a Twitter tip account (where you provide tips relevant to the industry you are in).